Southwest Montessori School teacher owned and operated since 1990

5000 Washburn Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55410 - phone 612-920-2311 

Objective and Philosophy

We feel that the Montessori method of education offers the child the best foundation in social skills, academic concepts and an exposure to new experiences.  The Montessori philosophy coincides with many of the latest educational reforms, such as allowing the child to work at their own pace, grouping children by multi-age and team teaching.  We welcome the opportunity to create and maintain a quality Montessori education program in the southwest area of Minneapolis.

The Montessori Method of education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori a century ago.  It is characterized by an orderly, prepared environment which allows the child to learn at his or her own rate in a non-competitive atmosphere.  In a Montessori school children develop a strong sense of respect for themselves, for others and their environment.
Children are free to move about the classroom at will, to talk with others, to work with any equipment whose purpose they understand, and to ask the teacher to introduce new materials.
The teachers work with the children individually and in groups introducing materials and giving guidance when needed. One of their primary tasks is the careful observation of the children in order to determine their needs. Their method of teaching is indirect in that they neither impose upon the children nor abandon them as in non-directive, permissive approaches. Rather, they are constantly alert to the direction in which the children have indicated they wish to go, and they actively seek ways to help them accomplish their goals.  The role of the teacher is to help the children teach themselves through the use of the Montessori materials.